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    MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now!
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    version: 5.00
    query_datetime: 2015-05-23T02:30:28+12:00
    domain_name: mega.co.nz
    query_status: 200 Active
    domain_dateregistered: 2012-07-26T00:34:01+12:00
    domain_datebilleduntil: 2015-07-26T00:34:01+12:00
    domain_datelastmodified: 2014-10-14T16:31:30+13:00
    domain_delegaterequested: yes
    domain_signed: no
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    registrar_address1: GPO Box 988
    registrar_city: Melbourne
    registrar_province: Victoria
    registrar_postalcode: 3001
    registrar_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
    registrar_phone: +61 3 97831800
    registrar_fax: +61 3 97836844
    registrar_email: support@instra.com
    registrant_contact_name: Mega Limited
    registrant_contact_address1: Private Bag 92533
    registrant_contact_city: Auckland
    registrant_contact_province: Auckland
    registrant_contact_postalcode: 1141
    registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
    registrant_contact_phone: +64 92 812110
    registrant_contact_fax: +64 99 849425
    registrant_contact_email: Domains@mega.co.nz
    admin_contact_name: Mega Limited
    admin_contact_address1: Private Bag 92533
    admin_contact_city: Auckland
    admin_contact_province: Auckland
    admin_contact_postalcode: 1141
    admin_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
    admin_contact_phone: +64 92 812110
    admin_contact_fax: +64 99 849425
    admin_contact_email: Domains@mega.co.nz
    technical_contact_name: Mega Limited
    technical_contact_address1: Private Bag 92533
    technical_contact_city: Auckland
    technical_contact_province: Auckland
    technical_contact_postalcode: 1141
    technical_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
    technical_contact_phone: +64 92 812110
    technical_contact_fax: +64 99 849425
    technical_contact_email: Domains@mega.co.nz
    ns_name_01: nsnz1.mega.co.nz
    ns_ip6_01: 2405:f900:3e6a:1::103
    ns_name_02: nsde1.mega.co.nz
    ns_ip6_02: 2001:978:2:aa::20:2
    ns_name_03: nsde2.mega.co.nz
    ns_ip6_03: 2001:978:2:aa::21:2
    ns_name_04: nsnz2.mega.co.nz
    ns_ip6_04: 2405:f900:3e6a:1::104
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